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Thread: Brand loyalty is a thing...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MMyers1970 View Post
    I actually had someone who owns a SCCY tell me that the trigger on his SCCY was better than the trigger on a CW9. I get that people want to justify their purchases, but trigger pull quality is a quantifiable and determinable thing....

    SCCY triggers are about 10 rough pounds...
    Better Trigger is a personal preference thing to me.
    And more importantly - Better for what purpose?
    Self Defense, bullseye, three gun competition...?

    Some folks favor a heavy trigger for concealed carry.
    Others like a 3.5 lbs SA 1911.
    One size does not fit all...

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    Quote Originally Posted by yqtszhj View Post
    Good post. I'm glad your nano works well. I had one (or I should say the wife did) that had fail to extract something terrable but I shot it very well. And yep target shooting isn't training for real life possibilities.

    Like berettabone I like hammer fired DA/SA guns too. Probably for a strange reason. First I like double action anyway and It teaches good trigger control. Plus after shooting about 2000 rounds through a hk p30 I recently aquired (which runs flawless by the way) and getting good with a trigger that is well.... bad some would say in DA, I shoot everything else better, be it Glock, S&W M&P, revolvers, Kahr's, and my CZ's.

    Its all about practice, sight picture, and trigger control in my opinion. Run about 3000 rounds through a gun with a challenging trigger and you'll be better for doing it. Of course I'm different than everyone else so feel free to disregard my comments if you dont agree.
    Thank you and I agree with you on any trigger requires dilligent practice. Once again, I moved to the Nano because the trigger on the LC9S was just too light, now about 4.1bs. and Broke quickly. Fine for target shooting. Not what I wanted with CCW. yes, practice with any trigger is the key. I have a LCR9mm that is now a regular at the range, really lousy shot when I first started two years ago, but with diligent training have come along way. Actually became fond of the trigger on this revolver. And recently bought the LCR22 which has a heavier trigger but as you say, with practice, you adjust. While the Pico has a strong trigger at about 8.1 on one of them and 8.4 on the other, I have really adjusted with so much training untill the point that they feel natural. Now lighter triggers feel almost to light.
    Have been shooting the Nano the past few days, now over 800 rounds and running like a sewing machine. However when I got home I put it in my sonic cleaner and noticed the end cap of my recoil spring guide rod had come apart. Beretta puts a stainless steel rod in the Pico, don't know why they did not with the Nano. Regardless, I had purchased a Gallaway Stainless steel, and went ahead and put that in. So much better quality. Never been fond of plastic parts especially guide rods. I went through a number of them on my LCp's, but later put a stainless steel guide rod in and never a problem. And of course I put one in my Kahr.

    Here is a stock photo of the recoil spring

    Here is the guide rod where it split on both sides.

    Ironically, I normally change out recoil springs at about 800 rounds.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed M View Post
    Own a PT111G2 for several years now. Mine's been great. Zero malfunctions.

    I did nothing to the trigger - just lots of rounds down range, and it's pretty good. About a 5.5 lb pull, and the reset is very short.

    Lakeline makes some really good aftermarket stuff for them. Nicest guide rod I've ever seen, and his sights are superb. He has stuff to make the trigger better on the G2 as well.

    The ergos on the PT111G2 are excellent, and with the Lakeline upgrades, the reliability is a non-issue.
    Lakeline is great.....ordered the ss striker guide and a set of Fiber Optic sights for the G2c. Also asked Al about maybe looking into a mod or new mag housing that does away with the crazy design of having to cock the bottom plate ,then tilt the plate to get the spring out...he said might be a good thing to look into.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ltxi View Post
    ^^ Back out to three meters and see if you can still get that same kind of grouping.
    Ok, how about showing us some of your pics. That actually was beyond 7yds with a new gun. And yes the indoor range requires a 7 yd min. Actually I was not impressed with my own shooting. Groups were low when I first started, and the Big Holes were where I ended up. Today, I shot another 200 rounds making a 1000 rounds fired through the gun. And reliable as hell. I had put on a Dawson Fiber optic sight last night before range shooting today, and they were lower than OEM, as the Nano shot low.(grip or bore axis) With these sights they were dead on. I shot today at 10-12 yards and the gun shoots great, especially the more I handle it.

    And to add to the targets here is the Pico at shooting fast action, with picking up form table and firing shots of double tap, two to each target and just mixing it up. I very seldom shoot Pocket Pistols, or small nines as target guns. Just center of mass as fast as possible. Goal to pickup up gun and shoot center mass in three seconds or under. Hit top target with double taps, bottom target same, then just mix it up. I rarely shoot a as a target gun.

    And this pic of when I finished up that day, and a friend asked me to try out ARX ammo. Simply pulled the gun up and shot one fast mag.

    Original post of Nano when getting use to gun after years of shooting the LC9s

    And as far as BerettaBoner comments of "I would not trust my life to a Nano" fine. Then Lol, maybe he just cannot shoot. The gun shoots like a sewing machine a far as reliablity. Or maybe he just has a bone to pick?

    i believe pocket guns and Small Nines should be with the emphasis on these statistics. That is why I belive in fast Point and shoot skills and training that way all the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by King Rat View Post
    ...And as far as BerettaBone's comments of "I would not trust my life to a Nano" fine. Then Lol, maybe he just cannot shoot. The gun shoots like a sewing machine a far as reliablity. Or maybe he just has a bone to pick?
    Perhaps neither: I bought a Nano when they first came out. I really liked the pistol except that mine was not reliable (had about 900 rounds through it).
    The issue I was having was the gun would randomly fail to extract while feeding the next round up behind the spent case, making it hard to clear. Per discussion on the Beretta forum at the time, I wasn't the only one having this issue. Perhaps they've tweaked that some over the years, but I'm not inclined to revisit it. It's nice to read that yours is working well.

    [<a href= target=_blank></a>

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    Greg, I hear ya. While I have no experience with the early model Nano's, I did read about failures with extraction. And it appeared mosty with 115gr. ammo. And I was concerned when I purchased the gun that it would be a issue. I did talk to a few range friends that told me they were not having those issues, so I took the plunge. And on my first training sessions I brought in all about 7 or 8 types of ammo. I have to say I was relieved that the gun shot the 115 gr. with no problem. The only rounds that I had problems with were a cheap bulk reloads product that will have issues with all my 9mm's. (actually shooting it often to get ride of it). However everything else is shooting well no problems. I did place a 16lb Gallaway spring and of course it did not like the cheap reloads either as expected.
    I suspect the Nano must have been tweaked, over the years. I have spent a lot of time on recent reviews and most seem to be shooting as well as my gun. I also feel that the Nano actually prefers hot ammo. It is already a mild shooter, but the hotter ammo seems to actually be better for control and it scores well for me on recent targets. Maybe I am just use to more recoil, could not tell you. In the next few months I plan to spend a lot of time with this gun. I will experiment with as many brands of ammo to find the best match for training as well as defense carry.
    I understand that first run guns have problems. The Pico obviously did, and the upgraded models have proven very trustworthy. Both of mine have turned out to be totally reliable with thousands of rounds of mixed ammo.
    I also look at internet gun issues with a grain of salt. My Khar CW380 has turned out to be very reliable with the RIGHT ammo and yet I hear of so many problems. Maybe I just got lucky. But like the Pico, I love the shooting characteristics and I love the build quality. I understand that some may not like the Nano, just like some maybe not prefer a Kahr, such is the nature of the world. I appreciate your kindly remarks. I shoot often and will possibly report again after the gun has 5,000 rds through it, which should be sometime this summer.
    Thank you for your reply.
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    I also had a Nano, and my patience with it ran out after about 600 rounds thru it. FTE was the biggest problem, but would not feed properly a couple times out of a box of ammo. To me it was not on par with my other firearms as far as accuracy. Only reason I bought it was that was when the Shield was so hard to find and I wanted a small CCW and thought the Nano would be just as good....well it was a Beretta.....never heard any thing bad about one of them.

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    Nano........Pico.......9000S...................... ...three of Beretta's biggest/only disappointments. After owning and shooting Beretta's for years. We'll see how their striker fired firearm does. I think that Beretta could do a lot better. I don't have any particular bone to pick, other than my original feelings about these/that firearm. FYI, I can't shoot

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    My Nano was flawless for the first 400 rounds. Had 2 failures of the trigger to reset in the next 50 rounds. Been sitting in the safe ever since.

    There’s a lot I liked about the pistol but it just doesn’t feel good in my hands so it will be sold at some point.

    I much prefer my CM9.

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    muggsy: Let's face it, being shot by a .380 will ruin anyone's day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by berettabone View Post
    Nano........Pico.......9000S...................... ...three of Beretta's biggest/only disappointments. After owning and shooting Beretta's for years. We'll see how their striker fired firearm does. I think that Beretta could do a lot better. I don't have any particular bone to pick, other than my original feelings about these/that firearm. FYI, I can't shoot
    Yea, right, Cannot tell you about the 9000s, I do not own one, but the Nano and the Pico sure seem to be doing well. I did not even know you had owned the Pico or Nano, or did you ever? Sorry, but I wonder if you have ever even taking one down to look at the quality, much less owned one or even shot one. I have well over 5000 rounds through two Pico's and they are running like a sewing machine. And I would be glad to tear one down and show you the quality of parts and we can compare. You seem to be a expert of some kind. Pardon me if I do not go along with your need to bash.
    It seems to me that both the Kahr and the Nano, Pico seem to be a niche market. No they are not the mainstream LCP mass market type of firearms, of which I have owned 4 of them. But both are great quality firearms and I have the Pico's, LCP's and Kahr which I own. I have already gone past 1000 rounds with the Nano and if it keeps on running like it has with virtually about 9 different ammunitions that I have shot flawlessly, then it is going to be one great firearm.
    I almost bought a Kahr, 9mm, and on another forum, pretty much caught hell, with people telling me to stay away from them. However they did not impress me as I know all guns can have problems but the vast majority run fine. And there were also a lot of post from folks who had never owned one yet bashing the product. I discount all of those.
    Thank you for your knowledge about the two guns I do own and enjoy. However please pardon me, if I simply excuse your comments. Have a good Day.
    You are welcome to come over to the Beretta forum and post all your knowledge about the Nano and Pico. I am sure others would welcome your opinion.

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