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Thread: Anyone care to guess what’s wrong?

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    Default Anyone care to guess what’s wrong?

    My buddy has a CM9. Has always loved it. About 5 years old, 500 rounds. But, this past summer he had to shoot a snake. When he pulled the trigger, the trigger went almost to the frame. No joy (bang). As he held the trigger back, he thought “Am I crazy? Did I bring a gun with a safety? Then, BANG!”.

    Fast-forward to last week. He told me he no longer likes his CM9. Hates the trigger. When I asked why, he said, “The trigger has to almost touch the frame to fire.” I said, “Well, my Kahr triggers DO break pretty far back.” He said, “You don’t understand.” Last week, he unloaded it and handed it to me. I racked the slide, and said, “I feel something gritty. Weird.” I pulled the trigger, and said, “The trigger is squishy.” It broke 1/32” from the frame. He said, “Kahr triggers are all smooth like that.” Now, it was my turn to say “You dont understand. It feels like when you remove your slide, then reinsert the slide stop to check to see if rounds in the mag are contacting the slide stop. Then, you forget to remove the slide stop and instead slide the slide up over the slide stop, creating a jammed slide that won’t move. The trigger cam gets caught on something, and the springs are not strong enough to move the trigger cam past the obstruction.” He asked, “Who in the h$&@ would do that?” I said, “I know a guy... Anywho, either you broke a trigger bar, but I don’t know what that feels like, or your striker channel is so crudded up that your trigger cam can’t pull it back. Again, I don’t know what that feels like, or if that can even happen to cause this problem. Regardless, it needs to go back to the mothership.”

    The Kahr pre-paid label came this week, and it is now in the hands of Kahr. Any guesses as to what the problem is and/or what Kahr service will list as the work they performed in the gun?


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    I'm gonna go with crud in the striker channel based on the delay, pull the trigger, time for a few thoughts in the head and then bang.

    I think it would take a lot of crud to make that happen but maybe it had some in the first place and just got into a position to cause an issue.

    Do let us know how this turns out.
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    I'm with "clean the striker channel and leave it bone dry" too.

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    Are you saying the trigger pull changed after 500 rounds?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lee1000 View Post
    Are you saying the trigger pull changed after 500 rounds?
    A dirty striker channel would make it harder to pull the striker back as well as not letting it fly forward. That would make for a harder and rougher trigger pull, and if the striker hung up on a bit of crud it would account for the longer trigger pull and the delay in firing. Always try the simplest thing first. Strip the slide down and clean everything and reassemble dry. If that doesn't cure it then look for serious trouble. You might also spray some cleaner down the handle while working the trigger just incase you have some dirt under the trigger bar to.

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