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Thread: Gave my 1911 a face lift

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    Default Gave my 1911 a face lift

    Gave my 1911 a face lift, got a set of Herrettís National grips for Bullseye style shooting. Man these grips few great, so decided to go to the range yesterday to give them a try BUT I did horrible but then again I havenít shot since the beginning of November. So Iíve lost my edge on shooting, but back in September my wife was involved in a nasty car crash almost a head-on and to look at the car people are surprised she walked away so needless to say when she called me that day our lives took a turn. Thank God she wasnít seriously hurt she did go into shock and spent the night in the Hospital nothing was broken but they wanted to make sure there was no internal bleeding. She did have a bruised sternum and black and blue on her whole body even the bottom of her feet was black and blue. Got to say she was a trooper got her a walker for the first day and after that she wanted to do it on her own. She went back to work after a month but still bruised up. Then came the car replacement and often when someone has a crash and walks away they want the same car that they feel saved their life. The problem here is her car was an 03 and they stopped that model in 07 and to find something that old in good shape would be hard. But after time I found a 05 with 50,000 on it that looked brand new and the bottom from what I could tell just had regular rust for that year. Then get it home put it in my shop and started to wire wheel the rust THEN holes started to appear!!!! it was to late now I had to fix it. Had to put some major components on the car and had to stop the rust. I was under that car for almost a month and a half. But when I was done the bottom looked like a new car underneath even the mechanic was impressed that did my inspection. Donít want to do that again for sure, and now just trying to make ends meet. So may be Iíll be poking my head in here again, itís sorta like Cheers everybody knows your name

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    I always wanted to try a set of those grips. They look ugly but interesting sort of, maybe.

    Sorry to hear of your troubles.

    Best of luck to you and your wife.

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    I'm just tickled down to my toes to see a post from you Harry. I've been some worried. Sent some PM's and several emails and no response.
    Just yesterday I email Greg to express my concerns and he said he'd just seen a new youtube video so thought all was well.

    All is well but you had some problems, hope those all get worked out, we'll help of course any we can.

    Just post now and then and if you go walk about again, let me know ahead of time. Sheesh, hard keeping track of you sometimes.

    I bet those grips feel fantastic, unless of course a person is left handed and supposedly only 6% of the population is so hardly worth mentioning.!
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    Good to hear from you. Your ears must have been burning because I just mentioned your XD return to battery fix today.

    Glad your wife is OK too.

    In casd you have more ideas about the XD here's the post. Don't be a stranger.
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    Glad your wife pulled through ok, and that you accommodated her wishes about her new(er) car.

    Interesting grips on your 1911. I didn't realize they were available with a built in bench rest.
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