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Thread: Where to get newest style Kahr magazines

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    Default Where to get newest style Kahr magazines

    I recall reading recently that Kahr had changed/upgraded the followers in the 9mm magazines. I need to get a few magazines and would like to try and get the newest version of these. I assume mags ordered from Kahr would be the newest version, but does anyone have suggestions for other places to purchase mags and be likely to get the newest followers? Also, I assume if I order some new followers from Kahr, I am likely to get the new version. Anyone have any experience with that?


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    Default for the best followers. Use the old magazines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwh View Post for the best followers. Use the old magazines.
    Thanks. I am familiar with and use Lakeline followers, but I also have mags with the standard followers and also need some more mags.

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    I don't know of a way to insure you will get the new style follower without looking at the follower in person or seeing a photo showing the follower.
    Here's a post that shows the difference:

    The old style follower can be modified to a profile similar to that which Kahr has chosen (or copied) for their new follower:

    Lakeline LLC's excellent 9mm follower can be found here:


    Oops: OP, I missed where you say you are familiar and use the Lakeline follower.
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    Who sells them for the cheapest price? They probably have the most recently made mags.
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