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Thread: Quest for the Perfect AOM 130 - Part I

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    Time for another update. As mentioned earlier, I've installed the Wolff recoil spring. After installation, I ran about 300 dry fire cycles with snap caps just to break in the spring. Results are markedly improved, but still not quite to the point that I'd like. My latest findings from this morning, firing several hundred rounds:

    - I'm encountering a failure to feed or a failure to eject roughly 6 out of every 100 rounds. Failures are evenly split between FTF and FTE.
    - Changing the recoil spring definitely changed the whole experience: runs smoother with higher reliability (improved reliability from 75% to around 94%).
    - After replacing the spring, the rifle does a much better job of eating Aquila ammo. It's gone from just refusing to cycle the stuff to running fine 95 times out of 100. Ditto for PPU, which is now up to working well 96 times out of 100. Roughly the same results for Fiochii.
    - Unfortunately, changing the spring also seems to have changed the rifle's taste for Tula. It's now failing around 10% of the time.
    - The one ammo brand that consistently runs without any issues whatsoever is Hornady Critical Defense. But it's tough to justify plinking with that stuff considering the high cost per round.

    Now let's talk magazines: I've been using KCI 15 and 30 round mags, plus a few generic 15 and 30 round mags from It's been my experience that the 30 round mags from both brands are flat-out unreliable. They're better if I only load 25 rounds rather than 50, but they still fail 10 to 50 percent of the time. I won't be buying any more 30 rounders. The KCI 15 rounders are OK, but not great. Ditto for the generic 15 rounders for I plan to pick up some USGI mags and try those out in the hopes of getting better results.

    So bottom line to this long-winded post (sorry about that) is that the Wolff recoil spring really helped, especially with the Aguila and PPU ammo. I'm pretty happy with the $11 investment. The rifle continues to be picky about ammo though - loves Hornady Critical Defense above anything else I've found. Everything else runs at between 90% and 96% reliability - just poor enough to take the fun out of shooting the rifle.

    I'll update again after I obtain some USGI mags. But if I continue get acceptable results only with Hornady Critical Defense ammo, I'll likely sell the gun - just can't afford to shoot it at nearly $1 per round.

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    It's been a few months, so time for another update.

    I've thrown another 500 rounds downrange. The results:
    - The USGI mags didn't make a bit of difference. Performance is exactly the same as the KCI mags.
    - Both the USGI and KCI mags run flawlessly with Hornady Critical Defense. Not so flawless with any other kind of ammo.
    - Just for grins, I tried some ammo with different grains. Word to the wise - just don't bother with anything less than 110 grains unless you really enjoy working with a rifle that won't cycle consistently.

    The bottom line is that the rifle is only reliable with Hornady Critical Defense ammo. It's not the mags or the springs. It's simply an idiosyncrasy of my particular rifle. So it's a very expensive rifle to shoot, which is really disappointing. Had I known this would be the case, I'd have passed on buying the thing in the first place. But, because I don't feel right about pushing my problems off on somebody else, I'm stuck with this lemon. It's now likely to be a safe queen or a wall hanger.

    Apologies to anyone out there who works for the company, but I won't be buying anything more from AutoOrdnance/Kahr. What I will be doing is sharing my experience when possible in the hopes that somebody else can avoid sinking their hard-earned money on a gun like mine. I'm out.

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