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Thread: Those Who’ve Switched from Pocket Carry to IWB (or vice versa)

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    Quote Originally Posted by swank View Post
    You can have a REAL gun in an IWB rig. Pocket guns belong in pocket holsters.
    Rest in peace Muggsy

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    Quote Originally Posted by NothingToSeeHere View Post
    I have a CW380 that I’m in the process of breaking-in. I bought this gun with the intention of pocket carrying (with an Alabama Holster front pocket holster).

    I have a PM9 ordered, with the intention of either pocket carrying if clothing allows (also Alabama Holster) or IWB (CrossBreed).

    I’ve done a ton of reading and see advantages/disadvantages of both styles of carry. In the end, I know my decision will come down to personal preference, comfort, style of dress, ability to quickly access, etc. Further, I understand that different destinations/activities/environments might make one carry style more advantageous than the other (i.e., I might pocket carry one day, then IWB the next).

    However, I’d appreciate the insight of Kahr PM9/CM9/P380/CW380 owners (or those who conceal-carry similar sized handguns) who’ve moved from pocket carry to IWB (or vice versa) - either permanently or just for particular situations - and what went into your decision process.

    Much appreciated!
    I do this......here lately I've been switching back and forth. It depends on what clothes I'm wearing. I prefer a one-handed draw you see. Pocket carry is great until you sit down....then it sucks. So if I'm going to be sitting, not going to pocket carry.

    I actually have three holsters I use right now: pocket, strong side OWB, and shoulder holster. I don't always carry the same handgun though.

    Now pocket carry CAN work for sitting.......if you carry your backup on your ankle. Then it works just fine! Just go for your backup.

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