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Thread: S9 sights

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    Default S9 sights

    Hello again,
    My question is what night sights should I put on the S9?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rcjr65 View Post
    Hello again,
    My question is what night sights should I put on the S9?
    I've not handled an "S" series Kahr pistol, but from the photos I've seen I suspect sights made for the "C" series will interchange with those on the "S" series.
    You should probably call Kahr to confirm that. If they prove to be interchangeable, then your choices would be the night sights Kahr offers on their web sight or something from Dawson Precision.
    XS used to offer their Big Dot sights in a version that fit the "C" series without modification to the slide, but I've read that they dropped those and only offer the version that requires a front dovetail. That dovetail is standard on the "P" series, but a competent smith can cut one on the "C" series and I suspect on the "S" series as well.

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