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Thread: K40 Elite DuoTone NS 7rd Used

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    Default K40 Elite DuoTone NS 7rd Used

    I came across a odd sku for sale. The model number is UDK4046NA. The description claims its a K40 Elite DuoTone NS 40 S&W Used 7rd.

    Obviously I had lots of questions because there is a lot of confusing info in that description.

    Did Kahr make a duo tone K40 let alone elite Duotone model?

    I thought the K40 has 6 rd mags not 7?

    I believe the U in the model means itís a refurb model?

    Will it come with any type of factory warranty?

    It is coming directly to my dealer from one of the major distributors so I know itís legit.

    Even with all those unaswered questions I told my lgs to just order it because of the price. Fingers crossed I donít get a dud.

    Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Refurbished Kahrs come with a one year warranty.

    K4046 model is a odd one. I'm guessing the 6 denotes a black slide on a stainless frame. Can't find it in Kahr's model list.

    Mags hold 6 rounds, but 7 round mags fit too but extend.
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    "K4046" was the model number for a for the "K40 Elite 98"

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