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Thread: TX - Any Kahr Users behind the Pine Curtain in E. TX?

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    Default TX - Any Kahr Users behind the Pine Curtain in E. TX?

    Hey folks, just wondering if anyone else is tot'in a Kahr over here behind the 'Pine Curtain' in East Texas. I have seen very few Kahrs in the gun shops here around Tyler. I am new to Kahr pistols. I just purchased my first one, an S9. I'm still waiting for delivery. I did quite a bit of research before I purchased. I almost sprung for a Springfield XDs in 9 mm. I borrowed an XDs w/ 3.3" barrel from my SNL and shot about 50 rounds thru it. I decided on a Kahr S9 thinking it would like it better with the longer grip, lower bore axis and slightly longer 3.6" barrel. I sure hope I can get used to the longer trigger pull on the Kahr. From all of the testimonials I have read about Kahr the owners either loved them or hated them. I hope I don't regret buying this pistol without shooting one first.

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    Welcome, I'm thinking your gonna love it. Not many S9's out there yet so you'll be a plank owner and test pilot for the rest of us.

    Just don't get negative before you got something to get negative about.

    Many read bad things but you have to remember not everything on the internet is true except what I write of course.

    I'm Missouri bred and we don't lie in Missouri.

    Glad you found us.
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    Howdy, in Central Texas .

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    Welcome, from N.Texas!

    You will not regret your purchase. Follow the instructions in the forum sticky’s for correctly breaking in the gun. One key helpful step is hand-racking the thing 400+ times. The gun parts need to “mate”, like breaking in a new car (no pun intended). One key reason for this is that the barrel and the slide stop need to wear some metal away, where needed. This became very apparent with my recent CT380 Tungsten Ceracote. That is the tightest new gun I have ever racked. That really thin layer of ceracote really tightened everything up. With 150 rounds through the gun, so far, it still needs another 150. Due to recent surgeries, the gun was too tight for me to perform the hand-racking as many times as it needed. What I noticed with the ceracote, is where the gun parts rub, because after 150 rounds, the ceracote has rubbed away on the slide stop “rod”, where the barrel lug rides over it. When you hand-rack, you know that little “clunk” you feel right before the slide completes its last 1/4” of forward travel? That is the feel of that kidney-shaped hole underneath the barrel rubbing against the slide stop “rod”. The more you rack it, or shoot it, the smoother that last 1/4” of travel gets.

    You can spend a lot of money breaking the gun in with ammo, or you can save yourself a lot of money by hand-racking 400-500 times first, and wiping-down the slide stop rod and that barrel-lug “kidney-shaped hole” with an oiled q-tip or cloth barrel patch.

    After doing that for my P380, it eats everything except Perfecta.

    After doing that for my CT9, it eats everything without a hiccup. The first night we shot it, we ran 400 rounds of 8 different brands of ammo through it. I’m hoping for the same experience for you.

    Again, welcome!


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    I read an article in American Rifleman magazine, dated 29 Jan. 2018 that evaluated the new S9. In the article it stated that Kahr had reduced the break-in time for the S - series pistols by using a hydraulic actuated fixture, that cycled each gun ass'y hundreds of times before final inspection and shipping. This is supposed to wear in the slide and all related parts to cut down on break in time in the field. I am looking forward to trying out my new S9. I'll let you guys know how it runs out.

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    Hey from Round Rock. Guess you have your new S9 by now - hope it's working good for you.
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    Sorry for taking so long to see this. In Lindale. Have PM-40 x about 6 yrs. It's perfect thanks to advice received on this message board and I enjoy shooting it. Thinking about getting a P or TP while 40's are so cheap.

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