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Thread: P45 or cw45?

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    Question P45 or cw45?

    Looking to buy either the P45 or the CW45. I know the differences, but is their any real differences in accuracy, feel, or reliability? Like to hear from owners of each one before I make a decision. Thanks.

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    Iíve had a Cm45 and now a Cw45. Both have been fine for accuracy, reliability, etc. I doubt that the conventionally rifled CW barrel is any disadvantage in a SD gun like a Kahr. I personally like the looks of a CW too: very simple and clean.

    There might be other things to consider though: sight options, etc. But Iím very happy with my choice.

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    My CW45 handles and functions great.
    If you are going to change the front sight, consider the P45.

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    There's just a very slight difference in dimensions & weight between the two. The dovetail front sight on the P45 is an advantage, plus it comes with 3 magazines.
    Don't know about the P45's function & accuracy, but my CW45 runs just fine. Here's a pretty good price on the CW45 (plus $7.99 shipping):


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