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Thread: P45 or cw45?

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    Question P45 or cw45?

    Looking to buy either the P45 or the CW45. I know the differences, but is their any real differences in accuracy, feel, or reliability? Like to hear from owners of each one before I make a decision. Thanks.

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    I’ve had a Cm45 and now a Cw45. Both have been fine for accuracy, reliability, etc. I doubt that the conventionally rifled CW barrel is any disadvantage in a SD gun like a Kahr. I personally like the looks of a CW too: very simple and clean.

    There might be other things to consider though: sight options, etc. But I’m very happy with my choice.

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    My CW45 handles and functions great.
    If you are going to change the front sight, consider the P45.

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    There's just a very slight difference in dimensions & weight between the two. The dovetail front sight on the P45 is an advantage, plus it comes with 3 magazines.
    Don't know about the P45's function & accuracy, but my CW45 runs just fine. Here's a pretty good price on the CW45 (plus $7.99 shipping):

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    I handled the CW and CT 45s prior to purchase. Then chose the slightly longer CT45 and don't regret it at-all. Works great Clinger Stingray IWB.

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    I prefer the Black P-models... P9, P40, & P45.

    The nibs on the grip need softening. I used a 1.75" bike tube for all of my pistols... cheap and great feel without adding bulk.

    I kind of gave up on the 1911 Officer magazines to reach reliable function with this, my latest Kahr... replacing the PM45.
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    I prefer the P series due to the ease of changing sites as well as having an all black handgun along with the fit and finish.

    HOWEVER..... if, like me, you enjoy the Vedder light tuck as your holster of choice you are out of luck as they only carry the CW45 version. This is something I've been a little peeved about for a while.

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    So what is hard about twisting off the front sight with a pliers, then screwing in a front sight? Don’t need a sight pusher.

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    Nothing hard at all, just some prefer a dovetail and there are more sight options.

    Myself I think I'd lean towards the CW. It's been on my want list for a spell and I prefer the stainless anyhow.

    I'm ok with the front sight. We actually hear far more about CW45's around here than we do P's.!
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    I can tell you that the sights on the ST are VERY good OTB. Same front as the CW I think. Would be nice to replace with a single Trit front.

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