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Thread: P45 or cw45?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyMaker_45 View Post
    Took posession of the p45 today.
    as described above, it has the single non captured recoil spring.
    it came with 3 magazines, 2 6 rnds and 1 7, and a nice case.
    wasnt expecting 3 mags so thats a nice touch.
    the rollmarked slide(i think) looks much nicer then the laser engraving i had on my cm9.

    I must say i think this is going to replace the shield.
    the trigger on it is just nice.
    smooth and crisp.

    prolly cant go wrong either way.
    i havnt been able to shoot it yet, as iv had it for 2 hours, but i will soon
    Again, congrats on the P45! The P45 is definitely a bargain at the price you paid for it.

    Still, the temptation to pick up a P45 is just not there for me as I've been well pleased with my CW45 and I prefer the look of the CW45 slide (with it's full height cocking serrations). I am tempted to pick up one of the CW45 All American models (with the stars and stripe pattern on top). It would be nice if they offered that slide stand alone.

    It's interesting that your CM9 has laser engraving as Kahr's website touts the "C" series has roll markings. I checked my poly Kahr pistols and find my CW9, CW45, and P40 appear to be roll marked. My P380 seems to be laser engraved. As the "S" series is supposed to be laser engraved perhaps that has been introduced in other series.

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    I've seen some pretty weakly engraved P-models... usually .45's and the model designation is hard to read. One of the replacement slides for my troublesome PM45 was that way. Kahr replaced it with one that was easy to read. You shouldn't have to pick the pistol up and rotate it around trying to catch enough light to see what it is! The roll marks are at least legible, if not very pleasing aesthetically.
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    Sorry for the mixup. I mixed up the laser engraving and the rollmarks.
    Folks on here likely read that and figured i was handicapped!

    nonetheless, it sure is a pretty gun.

    im literally waiting on 3 different holsters at the moment, 2 for a p10c that i placed 6 weeks ago and now 1 for this that I placed immediately after placing the order on buds.

    so i have some time to break it in and feed it a steady diet of range ammo.

    i dont think u can go wrong with either model.
    im just glad the price came down 200 bucks on the p series

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