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Thread: Steel Case Ammo Suitable for new Break-In?

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    Default Steel Case Ammo Suitable for new Break-In?

    I just picked up my new S9 from the dealer. I field stripped it in the shop and everything looked good on 1st inspection. No bad castings, burrs or bad machining found. I'm getting ready to prep clean/lube for break-in. I spotted a sale on a 200 round qty. of Winchester 9 mm 115 gr. FMJ ammo. The only thing is, it is steel case ammo. Would this steel case ammo be recommended or suitable to do break-in of my S9? Or should I use brass cased ammo?

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    You can try but I would recommend brass for the first box or two to make sure all is well then try steel case if you want. My cm9 runs steel case just fine.
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    Personally no steel cased ammunition will ever see the inside of any of my American made guns, or any other country for that matter except maybe Russian which is supposedly made for the steel case.
    Probably wouldn't even use it there, I like my Russian guns too much.
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    If you have any respect at all for your firearms, you'll stay away from steel case ammo. Your firearm may run it, but it causes excess wear and tear on your firearm parts. Not worth it for the few bucks you save.

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    No steel for my firearms either. No advantage in using steel except saving a few cents on a box....not worth the extra wear on the ejector and possible damage due to potential casing failure.

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    Brass and aluminum for me. I saw a comparison that predicted wear difference and ammo difference for ARs and it concluded that the repairs would still save you a bit of money over brass, but I still hold to my opinion. Laquer coatings melt and get sticky if the heat gets too high, but I would guess that is less likely with a pistol. The softer metal always wears first. Just put more rounds through a target and use the saved money to buy brass or aluminum. Paper grocery bags make great targets by the way.

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    I thought some of the bad mouthing about steel case ammo, was just a bunch of hype, until.....I bought a box of .38 Special, and tried it in my S& W model 60. Only fired one cylinder. I could not eject the spent casings with the ejector. Wouldn't budge. Had to take a wooden dowel and push them out one at a time. I then tried it in my 586, I could push them out on the larger framed revolver, but it wasn't easy, took at lot more effort than I wanted to expend. I still have 39 rounds if anyone's interested. I have about 1000 rounds of 9mm I've gotten in trades and such. I only shoot it in an old beater M9, I don't like much. I guess it's not quite as bad in the semi-autos because the shell is ejected before it can cool down and stick. I shoot it in my AK all the time, never any issues. I would not shoot it in any non-Eastern block firearm, and then, only if you don't like it much.

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