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Thread: Will CT #CMR-206 mount on S9?

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    Default Will CT #CMR-206 mount on S9?

    Does anyone know if the crimson Trace Railmaster #CMR-206, universal green light lazer will fit on the new S9 pistol. The S9 comes w/ a short accessory rail.

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    Well I thought I posted a response to the question but i guess it didn't work. I have a railmaster on an XD and a CZ P09, both are my night time guns the wife can handle. There are adapters so that they fit most pistols with a rail. You'd probably be OK.
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    I put one on a Ruger SR22, which also has a short rail, with no problem. The four adapters should help fit most rails.
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    I did an inquiry to both Kahr technical and Crimson Trace. They said the Crimson Trace #CMR-206 will fit on the new S9 pistol.

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