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    Just brought home #114. These are DIFFERENT. Very nicely finished and I like the black slide and Typhon frame. I do think I would like the Typhon to be darker on the left side. The frame feels a bit rubbery and tacky, but wet hands slip on it just like plastic. I do like the size and it is as slim as the PM9 and other Kahrs. Mags easily drop free. Slide racks nicely and is a bit easier to deal with than the PM9. The trigger had some grittiness OTB, but is smoothing out, and it has that nice Kahr trigger. The one thing Kahr SHOULD have done on the ST is to bevel the front of the frame - it is sharp and square. This is dumb and requires no labor to fix - should have been done in design. Cannot wait to shoot it. I lost my pic site, but you can find some good pics on the web. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjwHM2uZ6gs

    The sights are GOOD and useful. Easy to see and you can use the rear ledge. The front sight stands out VERY nicely. The front serrations are PERFECT for press checks which are doable on this gun. The rail will fit a FULL size light if you want it I think this thing will shoot like a laser - you can really get a grip on it as it is full length. The barrel to slide fit is very tight. Overall very nice.

    Side by side with the PM9: My old PM9 has a completely smooth trigger and it is a tad lighter. Of course, its had at least a few hundred rounds through it. The barrel on the ST 9 still has some file marks from fitting, but is a tad tighter to the slide. It does have the coating.
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    I'll reply to myself with a range report. ( I realize this is sleepy hollow on this forum!)

    About 150 rounds Fed Al and Brass. No problems. At 7 yards shoots a bit high, but that is OK. 12 yards head shots on a small steel silhouette is no problem. 17 Yards no problem ringing the steel. Soft shooter for such a light gun. The grip is full, so control is a breeze especially compared to PM. I took the PM9 along for fun and emptied my SD loads into the steel - no problem. ONE THING: I need to work on concentration on follow ups. I usually use my DA/SA CZs so it is easy to pull a shot low on follow up. But, my 18 year old son had NO problem with hitting steel on 7 round strings.

    Front serrations are the nuts for loading, press checks, etc. This gun is VERy smooth and racking the slide home on a round is NOT an issue.

    I have three mags. One seems to want to let the slid go when slamming a full load into the gun. My slide release is still a bit stiff for my arthritic hands. VERY nice shooting gun. I am pleased.

    I need to do a bit more accuracy shooting at 7 yards. It took me a while to start making one ragged hole.

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    I better add one to the list. Only thing that bothers me is the serial number plate on the grip. Just bugs me.

    Other than that I love the looks of it. Ain't seen one in person yet of course.
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    Yes - putting the serial number on the grip is moronic. Canít see it that badly on the TIG version though. I am amazed at the light recoil for this light pistol.

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    I just ordered one of these from Bud's. It's a beautiful piece and some of the proceeds of the sale go to a great cause. I've been wanting an ST9 since they came out. I've put off buying one until now. I couldn't pass on this one.

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