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Thread: TP9 at Bud's for good price

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    I finally took the TP9 to the range today along with the CM9. Both functioned flawlessly. I now have about 400 rounds through the CM9 with 50 of those the Hornady critical defense 115 grain and 50 the Federal HST 124 grain. The TP9 has 150 rounds with 50 of them the HST 124 grain. I also ran about 100 of my light competition 125 grain loads between the two and they also worked perfectly. Great guns. No qualms at all about carrying either one and relying on it.

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    Shocking to see such low prices on such high quality firearms. Before seeing this thread, I was going to post my TP9 and TP45 for sale. Now that I've seen this thread, I've deleted the sale posts because I won't let go of the guns for such a low price. Even if gun shops are going to liquidate them at stupid low prices, they are worth more to me than that.

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