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Thread: RAMI is complete.

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    Default RAMI is complete.

    Just finished putting new grips on my RAMI.

    Gun is made in the Czech Republic. Grips were made in Budapest, Hungary.

    The wood is red wattle - actually had to google it. It's from Australia.

    Always thought wattle is something I did when I get up to pee in the middle of the night.

    Pierce modified Springfield XD grip extension on the 10 round mag - very comfortable full 3 finger grip.

    Sorry for one more RAMI picture, yqtszhj.


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    Looks fabulous. Like to get me some of that Red Wattle wood.!
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    Man that is a sharp looking Pistol. Always admired the Rami. Congrats!

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    That's a darn nice looking pistol
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    It's a looker...............................

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    Yeah, that picture is a real tease. Those grips are really nice too.

    Last gun show I actually saw a RAMI with a safety so I was able to walk away from that one since it wasnít a decocker and the price was about $75 too high. Probably the next pistol on the list is a Sig P365 or a decocker RAMI, which ever I see first.

    I shot my HK P30, XD45, M&P, and..... the CZ P-07 yesterday. Needless to say the CZ P-07 stole the show. Iíve tossed the target but at 10 yards 50 semi rapid rounds made a 3 inch ragged hole except for about 6 fliers that were operator error and they were within 6 inches. My 2 inch orange dot was no more to be seen. That is the best shooting pistol I own. I put a hogue grip on it and now it hardly moves when you shoot it.

    The P30 Iíve decided although utterly reliable after 2200 rounds is for me a paper plate pistol. Rapid fire best I can do is keep the rounds on a paper plate at 10 yards. Something about large hands, small grip, and long trigger. The XD45 compact is a good shooter for me. Not as good as the CZ but still good.

    Iím still buying pistols this year but will definitely make ammo (and lots of it) and range time a priority.
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    I love CZs for reliability, accuracy, & solid design.

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