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Thread: Finally happened.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AIRret View Post
    .........In the old days, you could deal with your neighbors….
    And we still can around here. One of the reasons we continue to live where we have been for the last 25 years.

    A couple/three months ago, my next door neighbor's hunting dog sank a couple of teeth into my arm...through my sweat shirt. It was an accident....friendly dog who meant not the least bit of harm. Neighbor was the one who got really upset. Calming him down was more work for me than treating the wound(s).
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    Heheh - 60+ years ago my girlfriend's German Shepherd did the same with my left arm as I was approaching the front door of their house.
    I startled the sleeping dog apparently, and he just instinctively lunged out & grabbed ahold of me, then let go when he looked up & saw who he was chompin' on. poor dawg looked really sheepish (not like Jocko's friends) and crawled back into his dog house. Surprisingly enough, it didn't hurt that much. Still have a couple of puncture scars.

    That girlfriend had an interesting background. She was born in Bamberg, Germany when WWII was still raging - her daddy was a Nazi SS Captain. Her mom, a real redhead looker, divorced him at the end of the war and later married a US Army sergeant. The lucky sergeant worked for my Dad at the National Guard Armory in St. Louis in the mid 1950s.
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