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Thread: PM45 - It's a Keeper

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    Default PM45 - It's a Keeper

    I just got back from the first range trip with my new PM45. I put 100 rounds of Fiochi 230gr. fmj and 20 rounds of Hornady 185 gr. Critical Defense through her. She performed 100%. The recoil on this little 45 is extremely manageable. The Critical Defense had some bark to it but nothing out of the ordinary. I am still amazed how easy it is to pick up any Kahr and shoot it well if you've owned other Kahrs. The triggers are consistent across every one I own and the sights are great after you learn how to use them. As an added bonus the PM45 fits perfectly in the holsters I've used for my Sig P290rs.

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    The best plastic subcompact 45 made. I've been carrying one for more than eight years. Liked them so much I purchased a second and a TP45. Kahr's claim to fame is the 9mm but their 45 pistols don't get the credit they deserve. I'm hooked on them.
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    I'm also a PM45 believer. Carried one for many years myself.!
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    I love this pistol, went to the range this morning and shot some federal HST 230gr and some round nose 230 gr. No issues whats so ever, this gun will replace my XDs 45 EDC.

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