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Thread: Sig P365... itís true what they say

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    Stupid holsters???????????????

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    Quote Originally Posted by yqtszhj View Post
    Bottom of grip/mag measurements
    Side to side:
    cm9/pm9 = .90 in.
    P360 = .98 in.

    Front to rear
    cm9/pm9 = 1.91 in.
    P380 = 1.73 in.
    Interesting, I reported a test review that my club did a few months back. I posted on this forum. One thing I did not care for was the light striker fired trigger. Especially for a EDC firearm. I will say I shoot a lot of DAO. And I love the trigger on my both my Kahr CW380 and my Nano 9mm. Smooth, deliberate all the way through. One member of another forum who is very experienced shooter and a big fan of the Sig 365 said "Not sure if I like the trigger on the 365 for carry". I understand that triggers are subjective, but Kahr owners should be very proud of their tiggers. Aways highly praised.

    Well after shooting a 1,000 rds though the 365. Which by the way is a lovely firearm. I made a decision to go and buy the Kahr CM9 which I just purchased today. If it is anywhere near as reliable, and smooth shooting as my Nano, I will be one very happy owner.

    PS As some of you know, Kahr now has a $45.00 rebate.

    I love the small guns. Looking forward to adding the CM to the others I own. the only one that is not a DAO is the Ruger LC9S which I no longer EDC as the trigger just became too light. It was down to 4lbs of pull, and did not like the fast break. That was when I found the Nano and never looked back.

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    I love pictures full of small pocketable guns. Just awesome.
    The only thing better than having all the guns and ammo you'd ever need would be being able to shoot it all off the back porch.

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