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Thread: Polishing The K9 PICTURES INSIDE

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    I missed the grip screws thing earlier. The factory grip screws should work fine. They do on both of my K9s with those grips. One pretty easy way to take up some space that has another advantage is taking a small o-ring and putting it under the screws. You have to find a pretty thin one. The additional advantage is it keeps the screws from backing out while shooting too.
    I believe you are correct sir. I realized that I had put the stock screws to the side as Kahr used regular steel, which I can not polish, and had stuck some extra stainless 1911 screws in their place. So, I will get some longer, stainless, hex heads and shorten them up. I do have some of those little orings left from a different set of 1911 grips, so I may need to do as you say. Thanks for the advice!

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    About that rear sight...On Dawson Precision's site they explain that there were 2 different slides available on the K9. Good to know if any of you ever go to replace yours! Apparently I have the old style, so you can see why the ill fitment. I have a dispute going for a refund on the existing sights. If that falls through, I've already ordered the correct sight, so I will donate that rear sight to any forum member who wants it and has the newer slide. We shall see. I will update here if thats what ends up happening.

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