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Thread: Springfield dumps Dick's Sporting

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    IMO. Dick's has pretty poor quality products in hunting and fishing stuff anyway.

    It's the last place I'd look for these goods. Overpriced, poor quality merchandise for the unsuspecting casual outdoorsman.

    Cabelas and Bass Pro Shops make Dick's look like Toys-R-Us.

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    They just built and opened a new Dick's sporting goods store in Santa Maria, not to far from here. With all the cave ins to political pressures, I wasn't going to even check it out. But now, thanks to Ed M, I'm heading there tomorrow, I really like Toys-R-Us.
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    Dick's opened a store near us a few years ago. I stopped by, checked prices, and walked out. Their price for 5.56 mm NATO ammo made Cabela's look cheap. I'll certainly never darken their doorway again. Haven't bought anything from them in the past, and won't in the future. I hope they go bankrupt.

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    Surely just business. Here in AZ, Dick's is great for many sporting goods items, but not for guns or ammo. Springfield likely does not sell much through the Dick's channel anywhere. Not their gig--Dick's has more business risk to worry about with Under Armor not performing in their stores. Plenty other options in the state for guns anyway, not to mention the ubiquitous gun shows.

    A strategic corporate call that does not hurt Springfield or Dick's bottom line and may even help drive new customer revenue from potential customers who like baseball but not guns for Dick's and Springfield disties that actually sell more guns. All the gun manufacturers are suffering now--maybe they'll initiate a call to bring back Obama. He was good for gun sales and ammo related businesses. Trump is good for my other stocks, so rock on!

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    From what I saw at Dick's, the shooting/gun area occupied about a postage stamp sized portion of their stores. So when they announced that they were removing all "assault style weapons", I thought "Wow! They are taking two guns off the shelf at each store". Lol! Yeah, Academy has all of my business, as well as my wifes and my sons. No chance whatsoever that ********'s will last too long after this. (Don't let the door hit ya where tha good Lord split ya!) Starbucks, Dick's, Shipotle, etc, etc. I've now become selective about who gets my money. I am thankful though that we live in a day in age were a lot of corporate nefariousness is being exposed. Guides where me, my families and anyone who has similar (patriotic) values dollars go!

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