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Thread: Using Magnetic Retention Holster w/Kahr Pistols

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    Default Using Magnetic Retention Holster w/Kahr Pistols

    Re: Kahr S9 & Magnetic Holster

    I am considering using one of the new holsters from JM4 Tactical, which uses strong earth magnets to secure their IWB holster on the waist band/belt. The magnets also act to retain the pistol in the holster. I was wondering if there could be any risk of magnetizing the internal parts of the trigger, striker mechanism or slide? Would this magnetism be enough to adversely affect the function or reliability of the Kahr pistols? I was also thinking if internal parts were magnetized, it could cause any metallic wear particles to collect in the mechanism? I realize that the slide and most of the internal parts are made of stainless steel. However, the strong earth magnets used in the JM4 Tactical holsters will still readily stick to the gun. Has anyone had any experiences with these type of holsters causing these kind of issues with Kahr pistols?

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    I don't know if it will or not but I'm ordering one. I have a 1911 I keep inside my armoire on a magnet and after several months, I took it apart and tried to attract a needle with various parts....would not attract. Would need some iron filings to really test it, but none available.

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    I realize each to his own, but why complicate things????????????????????? A regular holster doesn't have enough retention?????????????

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