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Thread: Any 50 AE reloaders on the forum?

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    I'm setting up to start loading for the 50AE. I do load for other 500 calibers but with a semi-auto I think the DE will be more sensitive to pressures. The pressures on the big 500 are actually lower than one would think. My understanding is that plated lead bullets will result in lower pressure because the bullet is softer than a Jacketed bullet. I'd like to find out what minimum pressure the DE 50AE was designed to function at. Maybe MR can fill us in. My experience with the DE in 41 and 44 is that it functions better with loads in the mid to upper range of charge weights. I pretty much use Win 296 and H110 for Mag loads and make sure that my crimp and bullet tension is tight.With the 50AE it will head space on the edge of the shell so shell length will be more critical than OAL.

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    Magnum research is very resistant to providing anything technical about engineering on these gun in my experience. They also don't condone/suggest reloading in general. From a business/liability standpoint, this is understandable.

    It is my opinion that the original Samson 50AE was much more tame than most rounds of the day. Legend has it (read this on the internet years ago) their powder was a tri-mix.

    From my personal experience with these guns and a chronograph, I have seen factory ammo with equal bullet weights in which the higher velocity round would not reliably cycle the slide as the lower velocity round. I just mean that there is more to it than "pressure"... the pulse timing must be critical. Pressure over time must make the volume necessary to make these guns work as designed.

    I don't reload by the way. (yet)

    When I get a chance, I will run some Samson across the Chronograph anyway just to give an idea of where these rounds fall. I am thinking they were between 1150 and 1250 (300gr, yeah, low)... but I can't remember where that came from. It isn't from my own Chronograph and gun however. I do think Samson is a very comfortable round to shoot compared to some of the high powered loadings of today.

    Good luck, and thank you for sharing your experiences.


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    In an earlier life when I was experimenting with reloads for my 30-30 contender I got a hold of a nice fella at Winchester.
    I'm sure they are all nice but this guy was really helpful.
    I found that I could only match the accuracy of factory ammo regardless of what efforts I made to improve it.

    Back in those days I thought I could always do better than factory.

    Anyhow after much prodding and cajoling this guy finally told me that the powder they used was indeed a mixture of 3 or more different powders. Begging and bribing could not get the recipe out of him. He said it was mixed in such large quantities that I could never duplicate it. I tried to get him to send me a few pounds and I think he was actually pondering that but in the end it was a no go.!
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