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Thread: New P45

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    The kimber pro tac mag is flush fit for easier concealment while adding an extra round, may need to be tweaked a bit lots of threads on the subject.

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    Hey Hardnocks1, Haven't shot the P45 yet, but the springs in the mags were stiff alright. Had to use my Magula upula loader. I got the rounds loaded okay, but the springs are so stiff, I can only see the bullets "load holes" on the side down to about the fourth hole, and the last two or three holes the bullets don't go down that far. Is this normal for new P45 mags? Thanks.

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    Don't seem normal if you can't fit 6 rounds.
    I loaded all the mags and let them sit
    Also locked back slide for a few days which helped
    Others here will know more.

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