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Thread: Appendix carry kydex holster for Kahr P45

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    Question Appendix carry kydex holster for Kahr P45

    I am on the verge of getting a Kahr P45. Having trouble finding a good quality appendix carry kydex holster, that is tuckable, on the web for it. Geez, there are tons of holsters for sale for its less expensive brother CW 45, but so far, it has been difficult. Anyone own a P45, with this type of holster? I sure could use your help. Thanks.

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    The P45 and CW45 should both fit in the same holster if that helps. For what itís worth youíre really going to like the P45. I have the CW45 and shoot about as well as any other gun I own. Recoil isnít that bad at all either.
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    Found a holster on the internet, that should work. A Dale Fricke Archangel 2 holster. Anyone own this holster? Is it comfortable? Thanks.

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