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Thread: Discovering Kahr ?

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    Default Discovering Kahr ?

    Were you surprised at the quality and accuracy of Kahr pistols? I very much wish I would have discovered them years ago. I had read some big problems, frames breaking years ago. That scared me away from them. But now I own 2 of them. What was your first impression of them? Thanks.

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    My first Kahr was a CW9 I foolishly traded. My initial impression was it was very nice. I currently have 4 I think, a 380, 2 9mmís, and a 45. All are fine pistols.
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    Default First Kahr

    My only Kahr is a 2003 MK40 Elite.
    Bought it as a pocket pistol.
    Had read of potential break in needed with the all steel guns.

    My first impression was this thing is uber tight!
    Had a hard time with disassembly/assembly.
    And lots of FTFs early on.
    Then, for me, even with a gun belt - it's just to heavy to pocket carry.

    After an initial break in period the gun loosened up and got reliable.
    Disassembly/assembly became simple.
    And the gun disappears on a belt.
    Accurate, reliable and well made.
    With a glassy trigger.
    It's a keeper

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    My first was a K9 a few years back...great shooting gun, the take down was a bit tricky but not a deal breaker. I never had an issue with its performance but never really appreciated the trigger. But i do now! Now i have the MK9 and it's my everyday go to pistol.

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    I have a CW9. It's my first Kahr. I have had a lot of pistols over the years and all have good and bad things about them. My first pistol was a 1911 back in the 70's. I purchased a Glock when they first came out and what a pile of junk that was. More issues than I could handle. Now I have had several Glocks over the ages and have figured out that I just don't like them for "me". Mainly I have large hands and the trigger guard just doesn't work for me. Too small. Having said all of that I like others always liked the Kahr's but didn't buy them because mainly cost. In my mind why buy a Kahr when I could have a Sig... Walther...CZ..etc. I had shot the Kahr pistols and really like the triggers and the feel of the guns.

    I guess the main reason I didn't buy a Kahr was I mainly buy used guns. I always seem to run into someone who is needing cash and wants to dump a gun or two for cheap. I never ran into a person selling a Kahr. Funny thing is that's what really started me wondering about them. ... People hardly sell them.

    What I have found out about them is the people who are selling them haven't put hardly any rounds through them. I picked up my CW9 used and I doubt it had a box of ammo through it. I know it have never really been cleaned. I took it home and cleaned it and now I am hooked.

    What a wonderful gun and I love how dead simple it is and how it shoots. This was my first but won't be my last Kahr.

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    My first was a P380 RA.... from the first production run. Over 4K rounds later and is still tight. Next was a PM9 from the first run of the new slide design. Then two PM45s then a TP45. The 45s are my favorite. I like the high quality slide and components and so few parts. A breeze to disassemble.
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    My first Kahr was a P9---back in 2001 or so. My first concealed carry pistol was a S&W 3913---excellent pistol--a groundbreaking pistol---but too heavy for me in the Florida heat, and I didn't shoot it well. I traded that for a SIG P239. Again, an excellent pistol but too heavy.

    The P9 was revolutionary. It was the only game in town if you wanted a slim, small polymer single stack 9mm.

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    My first Kahr was a used P380 I bought 8 years ago. I have shot it more Thani can count and I never had an issue other than lite primer strikes which was remedied by a new firing pin spring. Still have it and still carry it. I have total trust in it. Since then, i have added 3 other Kahr pistols, and considering a 4th

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    I'd never even heard of Kahr until I held one in my hands. It was a polymer .40, not sure which one. It felt so damn good I just had to get it.

    Until I found a K40. I'm not a plastic gun guy and the all metal version I just had to have. It didn't hurt in the least that I basically stole it. Been my carry gun ever since!

    And it shoots better than I do to boot!

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    To put it bluntly, the name and the price range they were in(cw is all that is around here) kept me from even LOOKING their way as I associated them with the similarly priced junk sitting beside them. Then one day I was just BSing at the LGS and picked up a little 45 and was like WHOA.....this thing points great! Pulled the trigger and knew I had to have one, but was more interested in the extra detailing and extra mags the p series and MK series gave me. So..... I now have 5. LOL! The trigger and pointability are THE selling points to me. As a 1911 guy I was starting to think that only the Sig p225-a1 and the P220 were the only guns outside of a 1911 that pointed the way I liked......and along came Kahr.

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