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Thread: Discovering Kahr ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cardguy View Post
    Were you surprised at the quality and accuracy of Kahr pistols? I very much wish I would have discovered them years ago. I had read some big problems, frames breaking years ago. That scared me away from them. But now I own 2 of them. What was your first impression of them? Thanks.
    Not in the least. Exactly what I expected when I bought my first....and every one after, as well.
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    I should have my first Kahr in my hands later this week, and I'm really looking forward to it. It's a gently used CW380 with factory installed night sights, an extra mag and original box and papers. I'm getting it from a fellow member at the Seecamp forum. He bought it as a backup for his P380, broke it in 3-years-ago, put it in his safe and it's been there ever since. I've looked at a P380 at a LGS, and was impressed with the fit, finish and trigger...never fired one though. There are several Kahr owners at the Seecamp site, and most speak very highly of them.

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