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Thread: Grip Improvement

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    I've owned Kahrs for almost 20 years...a K9, a P9 and several PM9s. My only complaint with the design was having a better purchase on the frame when firing. They can become rather slick when my hands were sweaty or during rapid fire.

    I recently decided to do my own Glock grip reduction with application of a bed liner material instead of stippling. I didn't care for the way the stippling felt in my hands or against my skin.

    The Glock turned out so well I decided to apply the liner to my PM9 as well. After thoroughly wiping down the frame with rubbing alcohol, I taped off the sections where I wanted to border the lining. Then I taped over the logo on each side of the grip and cut the tape around the logo's outline. After applying three layers of the liner and letting it dry, I carefully took off the tape and Voila!

    I'm amazed at how much of a difference the application made. It's very rubbery and adheres to the hand due to the grit inside it and texture I gave it, but I don't even notice it carrying it against my skin while inside the holster.

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    That’s a cool solution. It looks way better on the Kahr. Just sayin’.

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    Nice job. I also admire that honest finish wear on that PM9. Gives it real character.
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    I have had great success with Talon grips, and my new CM9 got them ironed on before I ever fired a shot in it. I have it on all my Glocks and they are extremely durable, nice job on your pistol....what brand did you use....I might try it...

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    Thanks, guys. It's whataliner industrial with grit. It actually does look a little shiny when you paint it on, but I dabbed it on with a brush to give it more of a Robar like texture. If anyone lives in the SW Ohio or N Kentucky area get it to me and I'll take care of it for you.

    If you go to their website, they'll send you a 4 oz sample can for free and all you do is pay $8 shipping. It has enough for probably 20 or 30 guns! Here's their website:

    Good luck! Mike

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