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Thread: PIckup a CW9 or...???

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    Default PIckup a CW9 or...???


    I am looking for Opinions as I am considering another Pistol meant strictly for CC. I currently have a CM9 (find myself carrying that the most) and a Glock 19 (hardly carry that these days). I am considering buying a CW9 for a couple reasons but have some questions/doubts.


    1. Share same holster intended for the CW9 with the CM9 (Most Holsters).

    2. Everything else that makes Khar CM series Great Carry Pistols.

    3. Increased Size and 1-2 Extra rounds (Would love 8 in the mag min but...close).


    1. Mag Capacity (this is my main driving factor in supplementing the CM9).

    Possible Alternative Contenders:

    Sig P365 (with time down the road, its not ready yet)/

    Khar S9 (tho will not share same holster possibilities and have heard of mag release issues)

    Would the CW9 still be the best choice?

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    Lakeline makes a +1 mag extension that adds very little to the grip length but will make it 8 + 1.

    Are you sure the S9 and CW9 holsters are not compatible? They’re basically the same gun.

    I would stick with Kahr mainly because I like the idea of having similar trigger mechanisms for carry guns.

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