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Thread: Dawson Precision "Old Dovetail" Fiber-Optic Sights for Kahr -- Added to My T9

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    Default Dawson Precision "Old Dovetail" Fiber-Optic Sights for Kahr -- Added to My T9

    Since the night sights that were originally on the new-to-me Kahr T9 that was made back in 2004 are dim these days, I wanted to add a better set that would work well for me at the range and on the few times I may carry it (as I have a CW380 for summer carry and a K9 with CT Laser for other times).

    This set of fiber optic sights is listed on the Dawson Precision website (click for link) as the "Dawson Precision Old Dovetail Kahr Fixed Carry Sight Set - Fiber Optic Rear & Fiber Optic Front".

    I installed the sights last night and then put 100 rounds through the T9 earlier today and they were "right on" -- which is guaranteed by Dawson Precision per their "Perfect Impact Policy".

    I had no issues at all when removing the older sights, that is after I switched to a heavier ballpeen hammer instead of the poly-headed gunsmith hammer I'd started off using. They installed easily, with a small amount of careful filing being done to the dovetails of each sight (Note: Never to the gun itself!) and the two aluminum punches that Dawson includes with the set worked really well.

    I'm thinking about adding a similar set to my CW380, but I'l leave the K9 as-is for now as it has the laser on it. I'll just plan to use the T9 and carry it a few times before I pull the trigger to add them to the 380, as the jury is still out on how robust the front sight optic will be with regular carry, but I'm pretty convinced there will be no issues at all with the robust rear sight, as it seems really well made and well protected by steel -- not aluminum -- ears on each side of the sight body.

    All in all, I'm very happy with these sights -- check out the 3 images below.

    Tight groups!

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    I too love the Dawson sights on all my Kahrs. It has made them laser accurate for me too.

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    I like it. Nice addition. Might have inspired me to try them.
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    Always thought Dawson was a good outfit, call them they’ll talk to you
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