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Thread: New CM 9 Feed Problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by DAKA View Post
    OK, good advice from someone on another m/b, do not "slinshot" the slide...release it with the SLIDE RELEASEIf I am not mistaken, on my RUGER MK III's they say NOT to use the SLIDE LOCK to release the slide....
    I just fired 10 mags of 7 rounds, I even loaded one round in the chamber and refilled the 100%
    So KAHR is the only gun ghat the thingy on the side is a LOCK and a SLIDE RELEASE...
    I think you got it. One item of note is after you’ve shot it a bit sometimes you can slingshot it BUT you have to make sure to pull it all the way back and let it go without riding the slide. But it’s still easier to use the slide release.

    funny thing is I have a CW45 and CW380 that I can slingshot but my CM9 is still tight when trying to slingshot it.
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    Kahr recommends the slide release due mostly to all the complaints of jams on the first round.

    If you sling shot properly IE: Don't girlyman it, do it briskly, rip it back and let it fly it will work. Many unconsciously ride the slide just a bit and they can be pretty unforgiving especially when new and tight.!
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