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Another 100 rounds on the CW 9 worls perfectly, however I thin I need to move the sight, I'm shooting about 4" left and 2" high....me or the gun?
It doesn't matter, I think if I move the sight it will help...any advice?
Scope this out:

Beyond the above:

Are you aligning the tops of the sights or putting the dot right on top of the bar?
If it's the former, try the latter.
If it's the latter (or you prefer the former):
1.Consider using a lower point of aim
2. Try different ammo: different bullet weight, different velocities, from different manufacturers
3. Contact Kahr to see if they can or will be of assistance
4. File the rear sight down enough to correct elevation, touch up with cold blue
5. Contact Dawson Precision about a taller front sight

If you have the tools and fill comfortable doing it move the rear sight to the right (You can always move it back).

Amount of correction needed calculator (allow pop ups): https://www.brownells.com/aspx/learn...aspx?lid=13093