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Thread: reflex type sight for the .44 mag

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    Default reflex type sight for the .44 mag

    hi guys looking to buy a reflex type sight for my .44 mag d.e. its the latest modal and the specs says its a weaver type mount, not a piccatinny. my understanding is that you cannot put a picc mount scope on a weaver type rail? is this correct? and also why didnt kahr make it a picc rail anyway...... isnt the picc rail the :standard;?

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    On my M&P race gun I originally used a Trijicon RMR on it, specifically the dual illuminated 7moa amber dot. Excellent optic with any RMR but one thing to be aware of with the D-I models is the dot can washout pretty bad if you are shooting from a dark/dim area into a brighter one. Otherwise it is very brilliant and catches the eye. Plus those models don't have any electronics, just light gathering fiber optic and tritium power the dot. I also have a fastfire 3 on an XDm and its pretty good too. Lot of our club shooters running the Vortex Venom and are liking them! If you can stand it being a little bigger, have a look at a big size C-More red dot, not the STS. I think its called the railway sight. That's what is on my Open Division M&P now as is most open shooters. Relatively cheap, durable, and large glass make it nice. Even better on a 90 mount to get the glass closer to bore axis if you can. Most of the micro dots today are pretty good and more durable since so many are being put on slide-ride semi autos and being hammered with ever shot. Favoritism goes to Trijicon on a micro dot for me, super tough but at a price.
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    I just purchased a DE XIX (latest model) L5 and it came with a picanty rail on the barrel. Does your DE have several slots in the rail?

    I have a Burris Fastfire III on a quick detach picanty mount on my Ruger PC9. I take it off the ruger and put it on my DE in a couple of seconds. It is even pretty close to the point of impact on my DE before zeroing it in.

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