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Thread: Nice Dollar Store Range Item

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    At least where I do my indoor range shooting, the booth counter tops are hard, rough (plastic), scratchy and usually covered with carbon and metal shavings. I like to introduce as many people to shooting as possible, letting them shoot my guns, but sometimes they are a bit rough at handling and setting down the weapons. A friend of mines dad actually tossed my revolver onto the counter (he never got an invite back). So... for the last few months Iíve been using a dollar store find to cover the booth counters. Works great and only a buck a piece. They are in the auto section and are not like your average, thin micro fiber clothes. They are very thick, luxurious and do a great job protecting the guns! Almost like a lower pile version of those fuax sheep sking car seat covers. They can also be used to wrap any guns you put back into your range back if you donít have a padded case or ďgun rugĒ.
    Happy Chootin!
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    Good idea, thanks. Looks like a good "photo shoot" background too.
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    Funny you say that 'cause I've used them for that too. Lol!

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