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Thread: Better get your bids in, guys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bawanna View Post
    Wasn't it one of Teddy's personal favorites, might have my presidents mixed up. I know one was very fond of it.
    Back when Presidents were Presidents...none of that knock a little ball in a hole with a stick stuff.
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    Cool but too rich for my blood!

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    Wow thanks for would be cool to find old treasure!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gb6491 View Post
    It's my understanding that it was. He hunted Africa with one chambered in .405WCF that he called "Big Medicine".
    This article from American Rifleman states he took a .30-40 Model 1895 to Cuba with the Rough Riders:
    I pretty sure the troops used Springfield Armory 1896's or 98's down in Cuba in .30-40 Krag but didn't know Roosevelt brought his own 1895. It was after this "conflict" that the Army deemed the .30-40 wasn't quite suitable and thus the .30-06 was born. The US gov't then sold many of the surplus SA's to the public and most of them were sporterized for hunting. I happen to have one that had been sporterized many years before I acquired it and I can attest it is a great deer gun but I would hesitate to use it on elk. If I'm not mistaken the .30-30 has better ballistics as far as knock down power.

    I am going off my memory on all of this so there may be an error or two. If so I apologize.

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