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    Iíve been looking for a 9mm sub gun for a while now, then a few months back I walked into a LGS and they had a CZ Scorpion (in green) and a PTR Industies 9CT. Even though the PTR was quite a bit more in money it looked and felt like a real sub gun. And of course it would itís a HK MP5 clone. I also picked up a SB Tactical brace a week later, off to the range we went. Other than a few FTEís during break in itís been flawless. Now every time I hit the range I always take it with me, itís so much fun to shoot!

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    Nice. Iíve just been looking at the CZ Scorpions tonight and almost clicked BUY! Iíve been debating between the CZ and building a Stern Defense AR type with a PDW Brace. I saw a video on the PTR just a few days ago and itís appealing too.

    How about some pics if you get time?

    Then I went to the CZ site and the link below shows a new goodie that should ship this summer. It just complicates the issue..... If you like micro guns donít look at the link.
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