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Thread: Kahr P380

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glockman4 View Post
    Well, I hate to say it but the gun has issues. For starters it wouldnít even chamber an XTP from the mag when hand cycling. Then the Remington UMC ball ammo I had would lock it up. Round would jump up like it was going to chamber, but it would be at such a hard upward angle that it would get stuck. Ok, so I figured Iíll just shoot it until it starts to work. As the gun got dirtier, the rounds started to nosedive as they hit the feedramp, or just plain get stuck horizontally with the slide pushing on the back of the casing with the nose of the bullet smashed into the bottom of the ramp. This was causing the gun to lock up at least once a magazine. The 7 round mag is totally unreliable, and too loose in the mag well. When your finger applies pressure to the base of the magazine extension, it causes the mag to shift and make the gun malfunction.

    Im not too happy about this one guys, looks like my fears have been realized. I fired 175 rounds through the gun and it got worse as I went on. Any tips or tricks I can try myself? If I send it to Kahr theyíll probably charge me for any work as I am not the original owner of the gun.
    This sounds like weak mag springs to me.....

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    Or possibly spring installed backwards. Saw that happening for awhile.!
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    Good call, Colonel.

    Whatever it is, it sounds like the rounds aren't being pushed up into position to feed properly.

    Before I'd send it in for service, I'd at least replace the mag spring in the 6 round mag.

    A new spring is a bit over $12 from Kahr. Some folks replace the spring with one from the CT380 magazine (longer).

    I'd suggest going with a MagGuts conversion spring setup - this will make the 6 round mag a 7 round mag. The changes are all internal so the mag still is a flush fit.

    The MagGuts kit is like $20, and I've heard many good reports of improved performance in Kahr 380 mags. They've proven reliable for me.

    Don't give up! It'd be a shame to miss out on the great performance a P380 is capable of because of a couple of tired magazine springs.

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