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Thread: CT380 feeding issues...(fed only one brand at first, but now feeds only another)

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    I do suspect the extractor is too tight. One guy fixed his by removing two coils from the extractor spring. Others have shortened the pin. Others have created a "ramped"/curved edge to the guiding edge of the extractor.

    Since mine SEEMS to be improving, I'm going to put another 150rds through it and see if it doesn't "break-in". I bought 50rds of WWB, 50rds of Federal Brass, and 50rds of Winchester "Practice". I also grabbed 20-25rds of Winchester "Defend" and 50rds of UNDERWOOD XTP +P.

    If all of that doesn't break it in to 100%, I'll cut off 2-3 coils of the extractor spring to loosen it up a bit (and buy a replacement JIC).

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    Over 500rds now through the CT380. It seems to be shooting AE and UMC now...having some issues with WWB (flat-faced) ammo getting pinched between feedramp and rear-face of the chamber.

    MODS: I took two coils off the extractor spring since it felt INSANELY tight. Then I took off some material so the extractor is sitting about .02" forward of where it was. It seemed to cure almost all of the fail-to-return to battery issues--now I get like 1 FTRB every 100rds, which is still too many, but (a) it could be ammo, and (b) I'm HOPING it disappears in the NEXT 500rds.

    With WWB and a HP (I think it was XTP) it occasionally fails to feed and gets pinched between the feedramp and the rear of the chamber (it's still 85-90% in the magazine).
    I SOLVE this by locking the slide back (like 2-3mm from where it is), tap the mag base, then hit the slide release. The round feeds every time that way. I ASSUME this is due to the shape of the round...but will wide HPs have this issue? I don't think it's weak ammo since it failed on an XTP round, BUT there's a small chance I may have had a WWB in the barrel before the XTP...perhaps occasionally the rounds are strong enough to eject the brass, but don't strong enough to make it back far enough to get the forward momentum needed to push a round up the steep-ass feed-ramp (which seriously needs to be like 10 degrees less steep--seriously, KAHR, shorten the barrel 0.2" and give us a real ramp). **I'm going to re-polish the feedramp tonight...can't hurt (as long as the flitz doesn't take any metal off).

    My advice to anyone considering a CW380 or CT380: DO NOT BUY this gun unless you like the size and sights enough to aren't afraid to mod things a bit AND will dedicate $150-$200 in ammo to break it in. I KNOW I could have sent it to KAHR, but I've read too many stories of guns coming back with the same FTF or FRTB.

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    Have you measured the extractor tension, itís possible it is still too much.

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    I don't have a way to measure extractor tension, but it feels very good to me--not too stiff--AND the fact that I'm getting so few FTRBs makes me think it's good (I DO notice that the extractor gets dirty within 150-200rds (there's even some fouling in the striker channel, and the extractor channel felt a little gritty). The extractor tension is definitely closer to glock and others now...nothing like how insane it was before (I may have taken off 3-4 coils--the kitchen scissors weren't super precise).

    **I REALLY think the feedramp needs to be re-profiled like this guy ("Ghost Chili" on another forum) had done--I need to find out who his gunsmith is, since I'm just not that steady with a dremel. Also, it's too bad there isn't a PT380 WALTHER LOTHAR barrel available for this gun.

    "Ghost Chili" explained, "Basically, the ramp was dished out a little to lessen the angle at which the bullet contacts. It is kind of hard to see due to the reflection, but the dish shape of the ramp blends into the top at the chamber where the ramp was left unaltered so as to not reduce support for the cartridgecase."

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