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Thread: CT380 feeding issues...(fed only one brand at first, but now feeds only another)

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    Default CT380 feeding issues...(fed only one brand at first, but now feeds only another)

    I got a CT380 for $227 at Academy Sports. I wanted the Tungsten, but not enough to pay $80 more.

    I took it home, and noticed that USING THE REQUISITE SLIDE LOCK to feed method, it wouldn't feed my Fort Scott 95gr all copper ammo (it's a very pointed fmj), but it worked with my SIG 100gr (which has a tiny flat face).

    I racked the slide about 200 times when I got it. Today I broke it down, polished the feedramp, and cleaned and lubed it up real well with Rand CLP.
    NOW it won't feed the SIG, the Fort Scott, or even Hornady Critical Defense (everything feeds that stuff!). It closes ALMOST all the way, and even though the barrel is EVEN with the slide, the recoil guide rod sticks out 1/4" and the slide is still 1/4" from closing.

    Out of desperation I dug up some old Fiocchi, which evidently has been problematic in many Kahr 380s, and NOW it will feed that BUT NOTHING ELSE. Any suggestions? At the moment, my plan is to shoot 42rds of the Fiocchi, then TRY the SIG, HORNADY, and FORT SCOTT ammo. I wouldn't be TOO sad if it required more fiocchi (but I'd rather shoot American Eagle, Hornady, and Fort Scott).


    NOTE: I was pretty active in the early P9/PM9 days on Glocktalk's "Kahr Talk" forum. I remember a fella named "Michigun" who also was active (I'm assuming this was the early 2000s...back when "Dorothy" was the lady to talk to at Kahr).

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    Hopefully one of the experts will be along soon with some suggestions. Itís not a great start if you canít even chamber a round.

    You definitely got a good price. Iím fortunate that mine has been reliable.

    muggsy: Let's face it, being shot by a .380 will ruin anyone's day.

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    Sounds like you did not get the recoil assembly re-installed correctly. Sometimes the spring catches on the dust cover and sticks out like you mentioned. Try wiggling the recoil guide rod.
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    The recoil assembly is in correct. It works perfectly until I try to chamber a round OTHER than fiocchi.

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    A friend was here when it wouldn't feed anything but fiocchi. We went away for 5 hours, and when we got back, it fed everything.
    Literally, nothing had changed except maybe some lube went from one side to the other. I don't like mysteries with my guns, but go figure.

    I have 150rds to try out at the range today. ::fingers crossed::

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    Also try Federal HST. I like it.


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    HST is what I carry in 9mm and 45acp, but with 380, the new HST, like most, does 18-22" when it fails to open, and 10.5" when it does open (out of the 0.25" longer barreled G42--so maybe 9.5-10" out of a CT380).

    I'm thinking of using a hot XTP load, but I want to see more gel tests with the Fort Scott (I also want to see if my 380 will feed Lehigh's 90gr ammo).

    SEE: https://www.luckygunner.com/labs/sel...-tests/#380ACP

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    I carry Hornady CD, and HST's in 9mm and .40 cal. Take all ammo tests with a grain of salt. You will never get true results because the conditions always change. Shoot what works smoothly in your firearm, and forget the tests. You will most likely be shooting through clothing of different types, so throw the tests out the window. Some are noticeably more accurate than others. Plus, the HST's have been selling at a great price for a defensive load. Target Sports USA has HST's for a good price. I like the plastic plug in the Critical Defense for going through clothing.

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    Yeah, with 380s, I'll carry whatever feeds well (and I DO prefer 50rd boxes, but they're hard to find in 380). I get usually get 9mm HST around $25/box online.
    (Grip was very tight.)
    -- 50rds of SIG: multiple failures to return to battery. The slide wouldn't close the last 1/2". One tap would make it work. It was so often and random that I got to where I'd tap it even when it did go into battery. I had at least 3 mags of 7rds that had no failures to return to battery, including the 2nd to last mag of the day.
    -- 50rds of Federal Brass 95gr red box: multiple failures to return to battery. Same issue. Tap solved it. I had maybe 1-2 mags that had no issue.
    -- 20rds of Fort Scott ammo: multiple failures to return to battery. Tap solved it.
    -- 25rds of Hornady Critical Defense: multiple failures to return to battery. Had two mags with no issues, including the last mag of the day.
    -- 50rds of Fiocchi: Would shoot first round, but gun wouldn't extract the empty case. Tried 5 times and gave up.
    The gun is definitely not ready for prime time. I think the failure rate went from 40% (including using the slide lock to chamber a round) to 15%-20% towards the end. It's a good sign that after 146rds, the last 14 all fired without issue. However, it DOES seem like it won't be "broken" in and 100% by 200rds. At this rate, it SEEMS like it might be more like 300-400rds, but we shall see.

    It seems to like SIG 100gr fmj as well as the Hornady CD. I'll get some super hot UNDERWOOD XTP to see how it likes that, as well as some American Eagle (which is my main practice ammo for 9mm/45), and more SIG.

    Stay tuned...

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