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Thread: Newbie with new CT380 gold slide

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    Cynthia, I had a few issues to work thru on my CW380. FWIW, here is what I have learned - 1) there is a significant variation in .380 ammo from different manufacturers; European made ammo may have rims that are larger than the SAAMI spec and will not eject properly; Fiocchi, for example does not run well in my pistol. 2) my Kahr 380 has a tight chamber -- I had a box of Remington green box ammo that would not pass the "plunk test". Most quality SD ammo runs perfectly. 3) there is a wealth of information on the forum about tweaking and updating the Kahr 380's - I have looked at most of it and there are some good suggestions that are within my mechanical capabilities, and I have made some updates, but my basic approach has been to test a variety of ammo and keep using what works in my gun. 4) Kahr customer service generally has a good reputation among the forum members, and I would not hesitate to use them. 5) After break-in my Kahr 380 has been a pleasure to shoot - it runs well, is surprisingly accurate, and easy to carry. Good Luck with your new pistol!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cynthia S View Post
    Back from the range. I have my 200 rounds in now. I started shooting today with a full box of Blazer Brass and the first 2 8rnd mags were flawless. Quite shocking after the previous experience. Out of a box of 50, I only had one failure to feed, and hitting the back of the slide fixed it. The remainder of the box of American Eagle, about 2/3rds full, had only one similar failure to feed. The remaining 2/3rds of the Remington UMC box had 8 failures to feed, but the remainder of the Armscor 2/3rds box, the cheapest ammo I bought, was terrible, maybe 40% failure to feed, and some of those were bad enough you could not hit the back of the slide to make the shell seat, but had to eject the shell. Also 1 misfire in the Armscor lot. So, I'll stick with Blazer Brass and American Eagle for target practice.

    I'll be looking for the ARX ammo at the show Saturday.

    I noticed that the force to pull the trigger was not always the same, sometimes much easier.

    So, what is:

    1) FTF? (Failure To Feed?) Is this what I had when I could hit the back of the slide and seat the shell?
    2) FTRB? (Failure To Return to Battery?) And how does this differ from FTF
    3) Stove pipe? Is this where the shell is so badly positioned that you have to eject the shell.

    You may find this informative and useful:

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    OK Gale, now I know what a 'stove pipe' is, an ejected shell hanging up in the chamber on the way out. My tappable shells were clearly FTFs by that article, but the shells that jammed so badly that the chamber was pretty much completely open with the shell fully visible must have another name.

    Thinking back over the 2nd range episode, several things. I changed my hand use. I stopped using the complicated hand hold used in the first range session, and held the gun in the right hand, much like I would in a defense situation, and used the left hand as a helper only, but not as a gun holder. This allowed me to concentrate on holding the gun firmly with the right hand. This means less limp wristing, but doesn't explain the jams of the first round of each magazine during the first range episode.

    This last time, I shot 165 rounds and after half way thru the pad of my trigger finger got sore, and had to shift my finger to using the first joint, which barely allowed enough range to fire the gun. I ordered a grip from Kahr and hope this will give a little more range for that finger

    My husband just bought a Walther PK380, so I can experiment further with types of ammo, and if they don't work well in the CT380, I'll give the stuff to him.


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