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Thread: Finally... a .308 AR, PA-10.

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    I did get my rifle back... a few cosmetics dings in an unnoticeable area... the underside of the rear of the fore end. I filed and stoned the sharp edges and touched it up with a flat black touch-up pen made for that... no biggy, but it would have been nice if they had left the rifle assembled as I shipped it to them, or at least taken a little care to separate the two assemblies.

    PSA: "Replaced AR-15 buffer with .308 carbine buffer. Test fired 20 rounds bolt lock to rear on last round." That's about what I figured. On someone else's recommendation I had tried clipping some coils off the buffer spring, but stopped after two whole coils because there was no change on the bolt being withdrawn far enough for the catch's "claw" to grab the bolt face. ​

    I took it to the range and put about 50 rounds through it. It worked fine... just need some better sights than the TRS-25 I switched to it. With the sight about 2 inches above the bore, I figured about .7" for the POI below the POA at 25 yards for a loose 100-yard "zero".

    With no bench and a shaky plastic gun rest, I was kind of wobbly, but quit when the shots hit around 1" below POA.

    I tried 3 shots offhand and gave that up... too front heavy! Yanking the trigger as the sight passes center doesn't accomplish much.

    I'll try to get an inexpensive 1-5 or 6 power variable scope for something larger than .223... and maybe a better red-dot-type sight, as funds seem available.

    I have 5 MagPul mags... 1x10, 2x20, and 2x25-windowed mags and I bought 80 rounds of 150-gr Aguila FMJBT and the best deal... 200 rounds of Remington 150-gr FMJ from Target Sports for just over $121 shipped, with insurance. I'm sticking to the 150-grain FMJ for target practice and have to use non-magnetic ammo at the range.

    I definitely need a sling and a front mount for that... not sure I have something on that unused MechTech/Glock21 SF carbine that I can move.

    It was definitely different shooting a large bore rifle instead of pistols. I did have a little tenderness in my shoulder, but no lasting bruises. It doesn't kick that much, but I will eventually look for a flash hider/muzzle brake. This rifle is strictly for defense and I won't be shooting it much, but at least I have a little firepower if I need it, at home.

    This is the last target. More fiddling with the adjustments probably wouldn't do anything better. I need to get to a longer range. Maybe I can hit a poster at 100 yards now.

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