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Thread: CM9 Frame material take off

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    Default CM9 Frame material take off

    Recently picked up a CM9 that had some frame modifications done to the bottom of the trigger guard where it meets the grip frame. Not a big deal but on closer inspection, it looks a little thin. Does anyone have any experience with fixing this type of "kitchen table" under cut mod. Would any of the acraglass or the devcon plastic steel products put a layer of epoxy on the bottom of the trigger that can be shaped up and strengthen the thin section?

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    I think roughing up the surface and applying acraglas would work find and dandy. Kind of shape what you want before it dries(you can only get that kind of rough) but try not to leave any extra you can avoid, then file and sand to shape. You can stipple it with a wood burner or I've used truck bed liner, or of course leave it smooth which sometimes works well in that area.!
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