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    New forum member and PM9 owner. Glad to report my first 70 rounds fired were 100% function, no problems. 50 fmj and 20 assorted hollow points. Used my old hollow points left overs, about 4 different brands, no problems. I even sling shot a few rounds into the chamber without issue. So much for needing 200 rounds for break in, the gun was 100% out of the box, I did clean and lube before shooting.

    I did shoot high to the right at first (10 yards), odd since I'm a right handed shooter. I was able to adjust, I just need more practice. I intend to put some XS Big Dots on.

    I'm guessing the CM9 sights are different than the PM9. I notice XS states does not fit CM9, but nothing about not fitting the PM9.

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    CM I believe is a staked front, where the PM is dovetailed.

    I have XS's on my PM45 get along with them fine. They work well for me.!
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    Welcome to the'll love it here!

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    I put another 100 rounds through the PM9 today. 100% function. I did not clean the gun after shooting the 70 rounds last time to see how it would do without babying the gun. 50 of those were aluminum casings, no issues. They were all 115 grain.

    I shot 10 and 15 yards very good. I tried 25 yards and did not hit my 6" splat target with 6 rounds. I will dial that in one day.

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