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Thread: Kahr P45 trigger vs. SIG Sauer P320

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    Default Kahr P45 trigger vs. SIG Sauer P320

    I own a Kahr P45. I love the double action striker. My question is this. How does it compare with the Sig Sauer P320 double action striker system? What are the differences? Thanks.

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    There's simply no DAO striker trigger like a Kahr. The Sig is a pre tensioned striker(via the slide racking) and the trigger does juuuust a tiny bit of cocking before the striker is released. It's a lot closer to most other striker fired pistols than the Kahr.

    I have no idea why other companies didn't get on the true DAO striker bandwagon. I'm guessing the tacticool wave of folks "needing" the quickest reset possible. The internet is full of videos of folks that short stroke firing and short resets were NOT the things they needed when things go sideways. LOL! Not saying that nobody should have them. just that there needs to be more selection to put the right trigger system with the right person.
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    The Sig P320 is more like a single action trigger. The 2 triggers are night and day apart.

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    No comparison between the two. The Kahr is superb

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