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Like everyone else, I'm always thinking about my next gun, and I believe that a new Elite MK9 is what I deserve for mostly living right and not screwing up too badly.

The last wrinkle to work out is sight options. It looks as if my factory options for an Elite MK9 are:

1. Standard sights (bar/dot) front & rear. I like this sight picture for the ranges I shoot (30 feet or less): $991 MSRP. Honestly, the MK9 would not be a regular carry gun. I would mostly wear it OWB around the house and shoot it a lot at the range. For these situations, the standard sights would work fine.

2. Night sights (3 dot) front & rear. I have this setup on other guns and it works fine, and the voice in the back of my head says: "You should always have nights sights on a pistol, or else you will die!": $1115 MSRP.

That's $124 difference between standard and night sights. I can buy the night sights for $80 from kahrshop, so it stings a bit to pay $44 more to have them installed, since I'm used to getting free installation of night sights on new guns.

Are there any other reasonably-priced options? For example, I really like to run a tritium front dot (like a Big Dot), with a standard rear - I have 4 Glocks set up that way, but so far I've only found the front & rear XS sights or Trijicon sights sold as a set, and not just a separate front, which should cost $50 or so. I'd hate to buy a tritium front & rear when I only really want the front (it's easy to find separate sights for Glocks).

Anyone faced this same dilemma or have a possible solution?
Have a MK40 Elite with factory 3 dot NS.
The factory sights are outstanding.
Just buy with factory NS and have a nice day

Full Disclosure:
IMHO the MK guns are too heavy for pocket carry.
On a belt there is no reason not to have more capacity and grip purchase.
Recommend a K9 Elite with factory NS.