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Thread: Recommendation for Kahr MK9 Pocket holster?

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    +1 on the Sticky holster....I pocket carry my PM9 in Wrangler jeans almost 100% of the time and like most gun owners I have a box full of holsters I bought and just didn't like for some reason or other but once I found the Sticky holster that's all I use....It stays put in my pocket and prints about the least of any I've tried....I did find by accident that a kydex IWB Blackhawk I bought for a M&P Shield works perfectly for the PM9 and seems to fit better than the Smith it was designed for....Try a Sticky holster and see what you think and if you hate the ugly green logo it comes right off with a shot of brake cleaner and doesn't hurt the holster at all...Good luck!
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    I like the Sticky SM-5 for my PM9.

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    I've gone through several pocket holsters to include some really pricy ones. All *but* the UTG 3.9" Ambidextrous Pocket Holster have found their way into the dreaded and very expensive spare holster box including several types from Bianchi and CrossBreed. The UTG Pocket Holster is and has been for over a year now my EDC holster. It fits my MK40, CT380 w/laser, and even my Ruger LCR w/laser like it was made specifically for each of them. It has a pocket that covers the lower half which makes the perfect spare mag carrier while also making the holster appear to be a wallet when carried in the left or right front pants pocket. They are very well made yet cost less than $10 at Amazon. Walmart online also carried them but I don't know if they still do. My UTG holster stays in the pocket when drawing regardless of which firearm I'm using it with.


    Although I have several very expensive leather IWB and OWB with one still a favorite with more than 35 years of use which is a Galco NSA 224 IWB horsehide rough side out. I started off using it with a Glock 17, then with my Glock 23. But I really like the BlackHawk Serpa Kydex holsters. I was issued a Serpa during my Army career that I placed on the chest of my body armor. It made getting to it quick while in any position, especially when in a vehicle. I have Serpas that I use primarily as range and general purpose holsters for my 1911 and Glocks, but they do not make one for the Kahrs. I have a similar Fobus that fits my Kahr MK40 and T9, but it has some edges that do not agree with me at times and I'd rather have the slick draw that the Serpas provide with the trigger guard lock finger release.

    HOWEVER, I have found a very similar to the Serpa trigger guard lock/release holster that is well made and fits my Kahr T9 like it was made specifically for it. It is a Cytac Paddle Holster made for the Glock 43. My friend's MK9 also fits in it with the trigger guard release working perfectly. But with the MK9 it is about .75" too long. My MK40 does not fit it as the MK40 has a .94" wide slide as opposed to the T9's .90" wide slide. I've got another Cytec paddle holster on the way made for the SIG P365 that I'm hoping will fit my MK40 and the Kahr K40 that is in my near future.


    NOTE: One thing that really needs to be checked closely when using a substitute holster, is how the trigger guard locking lever is positioned relative to the firearm's trigger.
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