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Thread: Guide rod diameter

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    So what’s the consensus on the single spring?
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    Single spring did not work. Couldn’t fit enough spring on a guide rod that would provide enough force for reliable feeding. I guess that is why short guns have dual recoil springs. I had problems with the guide rod being constantly out of alignment. The nut would catch on the end of the slide as it closed out of battery. On the second time back to Kahr they replaced my slide and things looked promising at the range until the cocking cam jammed against the striker safety plunger. Third time back to Kahr they decided to give me a new gun. I asked for a P9 which hopefully will be a much better carry gun. I have a CM9 my wife carries that has been 100% reliable. I really like Kahr but right now I have a bad taste in my mouth from dealing with customer service for the last 4-5 months. If the P9 is reliable I will probably carry it a lot. Right now I carry one of two Glock 26s I own or a Glock 19.

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