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Thread: Any SCCY love?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MMyers1970 View Post
    The P365 is unique in the market right now. I've handled one and the size is pretty impressive. It has the capacity of a G26 in a package the size of a CM9. If I was looking for my first concealed carry pistol, choosing the P365 is a no-brainer. Smaller than a G43 for just about the same money with 4 more rounds in the magazine? Yes, please.

    It will be a while before I add one---if ever---because I have the carry thing covered with Kahrs and my G26. The G26 has the added benefit of allowing me to carry a G19 or G17 magazine as a spare. I have carried a 33 round stick mag as a spare on occasion.

    But if I was brand new to carrying and I had my choice of the P365, the G43, or the CM9/PM9, and I could afford it---the P365 is the clear winner. Having more capacity in a comparable package is a winner. I guarantee you the market will see competitors to it in the next year or so....
    I have not held a 365. I do have a question...Other than my P238 and P938, I have not desired any other Sigís due to their big, fat slide widths. Iíve tried a few. I wouldnít carry either of the two I just mentioned, short of being a b.u.g., due to the thumb safeties. So, how is the slide width on the 365, say when compared to the G43 or maybe a cw9, p9? I recently let go of my G43 due to just not having capacity (and I just did not shoot well with it). So, I went back to my M&P 9c for edc (unless wearing ďskinnyĒ jeans & tee shirt. Then itís a Shield). If it is as slim as one of those, then Iíve gotta try one!

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    Virtually no difference in slide width between the CM9 and P365. If I can find my picture Iíll post it.
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