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Thread: CW380 first shots, trip to range. And questions.

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    Default CW380 first shots, trip to range. And questions.

    So, I picked up my CW380 a few days ago and took it to the range Saturday to run it through its paces. The ONLY things I did was clean and lube the gun and install MagGuts springs and followers in the mags.

    I had ordered 1000 rds of 380, but it was delayed. I decided to REALLLLLY test the reliability and use overpriced stank ammo from the range. IT ATE EVERY SINGE ROUND. Not one failure in 150 rounds with ammo so bad that I had to take 2 rounds back to the counter because they were so bulged that they wouldn't fit into the MAG!

    While my other Kahrs haven't seen failures past the first couple mags the 380 is particularly notorious for being a jamamatic. Was the addition of the MagGuts the key to this fantastic reliability? When I installed them they looked like they really improved the angle that the round enters the chamber. After this range visit I feel this is the key to better cycling. I was FULLY expecting at least a few problems with NEW ammo due to the slide being SO stiff from being brand new. To say I'm impressed and happy is an understatement.

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    Glad to hear a good report.

    Iím not sure itís the Magguts as my CT380 was flawless from round one with the stock magazines.

    muggsy: Let's face it, being shot by a .380 will ruin anyone's day.

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    I have a CW 380 as well and mine too has been flawless and that includes WW white bx

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    Good report. Mine has worked well from day one also.
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    This is my first CW series. All my other Kahrs are P and MK Series. The trigger spring on this little 380 is definitely heavier than the others. NOT the actual pulling back on the striker. Disassembled down to just the frame and pulling the trigger it is much heavier. Is this the norm on this little guy?

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    Good report! My CW380 has about 300 rounds through it with zero malfunctions of any kind. This is my first and only Kahr, so I can't answer your question about the trigger; however, in dry and live firing the trigger on mine is superb.

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    It's still "Kahr smooth" just the spring is heavier. My scale shows about 2lbs heavier without the slide on. I looked on the Kahr website and it says that all Kahrs have the same spring. So, I may just buy a new one and install it.

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    My 2018 CW380 also had no problems (I also run MagGuts). I suspect Kahr has been tuning the specs on this gun to eliminate some of the problems from the early years.

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    My CW380's recoil spring was so tight i had a hard time locking back the slide. After a trip to Kahr and about 1000 rounds, it's much easier. Great little pistol. I trust it with my life. It's very easy to do center mass mag dumps single handed at three yards. And it's very accurate at reasonable distances.

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